Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Eyelash Extensions make all the difference! Eyelash Extensions are for the woman who wants to wake up and go! No mess no fussing with eye makeup or mascara -you will look gorgeous with or without any makeup on ! Eyelash extensions are the perfect holiday companion as they are so carefree and gorgeous!

Want to know which extensions to choose? Keep reading!

How long does it take?

Anywhere from 1.5-2 hours it all depends on how many natural lashes you have

Individual,Hybrid or Volume-what is the difference?

Individual Lashes are when one individual extension is attached to one natural lash. This is the most natural looking lash. It adds thickness and length to your lashes.

Volume Lashes are when a fan of 2-6 much smaller lashes are applied to one natural lash.This look is for the ladies who like something with abit more oomf. It creates volume,thickness and a more full and fluffy look.These lashes are super soft to the touch

Hybrid Lashes are a combination between individual and Volume lashes-its for the ladies who don' want their lashes to look too full but want abit more than just individual lashes

Mega Volume Lashes are the fluffiest and fullest lashes available. Fans are made up of between 7-15 super fine lashes that get applied to one natural lash. This is the fullest,most fluffy,most volumous ,dark and thick lashes you can get

Can I wear mascara?

No you cannot wear mascara as it pulls the extension out and is a huge no no with volume lashes as i closes up the fan!

Do Lashes cause any damage to your natural lashes?

Not if applied correctly. To keep your lashes healthy each of your own lashes is separated using tweezers to ensure your lashes are well taken care of. The lash weighting is also very important when it comes to lash care.I analyse your lashes to see what weighting/length your natural lashes can take and go from there. Make sure not to pull your lashes or wear any mascara as you will damage your natural lashes.When you would like t remove your lashes rather come in to the studio and I will remove them for you professionally

How long will the extensions last?

This all depends on how quickly your natural lashes grow aswell as how you take care of them. No two ladies are alike! Some ladies will come t me at 4 weeks and it looks like a 2 week fill! Other ladies will come to me at 3 weeks and i will look like they need a new set!

It is suggested that you come every 2-3 weeks to remove any lashes that have started to grow out and fill in any lashes that have fallen out .This will keep them looking fresh and stunning ! This is also a great time to give them a thorough wash!

I've noticed some eyelash extensions coming out/noticed my own lashes coming off with the extension...why is that?

Lashes may fall out due to many reasons!

* Lash Shed-at the beginning of every new season you may notice more lashes than usual coming off.This is due to seasonal changes where your body is either making way for new lashes or your body doesn't need as many lashes to warm up/cool down

*If you see one of your lashes come out with an extension and it isnt due to your pulling them this is because that lash was actually shedding on is own and was time within its lash cycle to come out (just like the hair on your head)

*Some lashes may not have cured well and will just shed after a couple days without your natural lash attached -please note this is 100% normal

*Lashes can fall out due to hormonal imbalances aswell as humidity and the elements -even the way you sleep on them!


Make sure to wash your lashes regularly! Aftercare is so important and actually helps keep your lashes looking fresh and clean aswell as last longer!

Don't use anything like a cloth or cotton wool that will stick to the extension or pull it in any way.Rather use an oil free makeup remover and lightly pat and rub your lashes in a circular motion.Once done rinse with water and air dry

Brush your lashes daily so they dont look messy! This is also a huge factor in your lashes longevity and keeps them looking incredible!

Did you know?

Because everyone is different I have a whole assortment of different sizes and lengths to suite your every need! I also offer styling so you can get that cat eye look you have always wanted or you can opt for a more traditional shape!

Please let me know if you have any other questions



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