Lash lift FAQ

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

The Lash Lift or Lash Perm has really gained a lot of notoriety lately-here is a FAQ to all the burning questions you might have...

What is a Lash Lift?

The Lash Lift is a procedure whereby your natural lashes are lifted and curled. Its perfect for ladies with medium to longer straight lashes but can also be done on ladies with shorter lashes. The lash lift gives the illusion you are wearing mascara and is perfect for ladies who hate the maintenance of eyelash extensions and just want something that will accentuate their eyes

How long will it take?

The Lash lift takes approx 1hr

Can I wear mascara with a lash lift?

Yes definitely! After the first 24hrs you can wear mascara! With mascara your lashes will be even longer! On the other hand you may feel like you don't need to wear mascara as I include a tint as part of the treatment

Can I swim/go on holiday with the Lash lift?

The Lash Lift is the best on holiday! No need to wear mascara to the beach! The Lash Lift will also last throughout your holiday!

Will the Lash Lift cause any damage to my natural lashes?

No,there will be no damage to your natural lashes. The Lash Lift is done on your natural lashes so there is nothing artificial being attached as is the case with eyelash extensions. The lash lift can only be performed once every 4-6 weeks to care for your lashes

How long will my Lash Lift Last?

The lash lift lasts anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Your lashes will then start to grow and the lash lift will drop.

Is there any pain?

No there is absolutely no pain. The tint at the end of the session may burn alittle but i will only be for acouple of seconds and I will assist if there is any irriation

What happens when the Lash Lift starts to drop?

For some people the Lash Lift will just drop completely ,for others it might be a more lengthy process and you will noice that while new lash hairs are growing you might have some lashes that look out of place .At this stage if you decide no to come for another treatment i is suggested that you use either Castor or Coconut oil to treat your lashes

What is Lash Botox?

Lash Botox is a brand new treatment on the market. It works just like Rapidlash,MD Lash etc but you will only need to apply it once a month with your lash lift instead of every day .Lash Botox is recommended for ladies with either damaged lashes,lashes with prolonged extension use or just if you want to plump,grow and thicken your natural lashes.

Are any injections involved?

Unlike the name suggests there is no injection.Lash botox is actually a serum applied to your lashes.Lash Botox takes an additional 10 minutes when incl it in a lash lift session

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask-more info on each procedure can also be found on the website

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